Friday, December 9, 2011

A Little Something Under the Tree

Last week a Florida woman killed her elderly roommate and hid the body under some presents beneath their Christmas tree.

The woman was caught in North Carolina early this week when authorities tracked her by checking where the murdered woman’s ATM card was being used. Santa’s helper is being sent back to Florida for trial.

Now, it could just be me, but if that don’t give new meaning to “a little something under the tree” I don’t know what does.

I mean, over time there’s not enough Christmas tree scent to cover that up.

I told a friend about this and she said, “Well, there’s a lot of crazy people out here with the rest of us.”

You what? She’s wrong. There aren’t a lot of crazy people out here with us. There are some people who are so stressed or so crazy they’ll do things that any of us would recognize as coloring outside the lines, big-time.

But, if we believe there are a LOT of people like that we start circling the wagons and not going out and not having much contact with others due to fear.

I’m for believing that most folks are OK and some have problems. Remember the saying, “Be gentle with people, you don’t know what battles they’re fighting.”

‘Course, there are some who are crazy as damned bedbugs.

Have a great weekend and get your tree if you haven’t already…and be careful what you put under it.

See you Monday.

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