Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Look Out the Window!

Most of the time mymethod of checking the weather is to simply look out the window. I have friends, though, who are addicted to the weather channel.

Am in Richmond preparing to present The Perfect Workday for the staff of the Virginia State Senate. It looks a little cloudy outside so I hit the weather app on my iPhone.

Usually, Local Forecast tells me what it will be like in Raleigh.

(Some of you can see this coming) This time the GPS in the phone told the app where I was and I got the weather in Richmond.

For those of you who are thinking, "So what?"...God Bless You...I'm still amazed at what technology can do.

And, you should be, too.

Each week you should learn one, new, simple thing your technology can do. Whether it's your phone, computer or microwave you, me, none of us, understand and use even a small amount of what technology can do for us.

What might you learn today?

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