Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Nobody Wants to Go to Heaven Now

A song and a quote grabbed my attention yesterday because they seemed connected.

Quote: “It’s often harder to have the discipline and self-regulation skills to stop doing an activity that is causing obvious problems than to simply and stubbornly continue,” Richard Winnett (professor at Virginia Tech and author of The Ageless Athlete)

Song: “Everybody Wants to Go To Heaven, But Nobody Wants to Go Now.” Kenny Chesney

How many states of existence would be heaven to us: Good health, wonderful relationship, spiritual awareness, success at work…but we’re not willing to move away from the comfort-zone habits that keep us mired in the reality we experience today?

Once we get locked into a thought process or activity it’s hard as the dickens (have ALWAYS wanted to find a reason to use that silly-sounding phrase) to stop it, even if it’s not good for us.

So, here are two words that can change your life: STOP IT!

And go to heaven now.

What do you need to stop?

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