Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Stealing a Moment to Chat

When I think of the phrase bank robbery two images come to mind: Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, and Robert Dinero and his crew in the best cops and robbers movie ever made, Heat.

But, bank robbery obviously ain’t what it used to be according to the FBI. In the last decade bank robberies in North Carolina dropped from 406 (2001) to 98 so far this year.

Why? The use of new technology by banks and customers has helped.

The biggest factor, though, has been a time-tested method. Raleigh Police Chief Harry Patrick Dolan said, “Birds fly, fish swim and people talk.” Dolan added, “Nothing beats that person picking up the phone and saying, ‘I think I have some information.’ ”

Life is the same. Getting people to talk, to communicate, is still the best way to discover opportunities, challenges, problems and rewards. Great communication squashes assumptions and is the foundation of great relationships, communities and nations.

Do a better job of getting the people in your life talking and you’ll end up with a better life. You might not like what you hear at first, but good, honest communications acts as a guide to the life you want.

So, whataya say?

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