Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Who's the Real You?

Good Morning, Class! We have a pop quiz today. Who are these people?

1. Clayton Holmes Grissom
2. Allen Stewart Konigsberg
3. Carlos Ray
4. Margaret Mary Emily Anne Hyra
5. Jo Raquel Tejada
6. Todd Jones

The people above were willing to spend years doing the work necessary to reach the success and dreams they imagined. They were willing to make a life change many of us would find incredibly difficult…they changed their names.

1. Clay Aiken
2. Woody Allen
3. Chuck Norris
4. Meg Ryan
5. Raquel Welch
6. James Earl Jones

You probably don’t have to change your name in order to get closer to the life you’d like to have. What small change could you make?

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