Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Farther Than You Imagined

Yesterday when I was writing about people in the workplace confusing routine and commitment a thought popped out of my head fully formed like the goddess Athena leaping forth from Zeus’ brain.

What if those people are simply at a place in which their lives have exceeded their dreams?

What if they had had tough upbringings or life situations and were just glad to have finally settled into a job where they had a steady paycheck, some benefits, and a lifestyle that was better than what they had imagined?

No matter what you think about motivation you have to look at folks in that sort of situation and say, “Good for you.”

Now, admittedly, those sorts of folks can slow progress, resist change (well…yeah), and be an obstacle in the way of other people striving to make dreams come true.

I’m not saying the “satisfied in place” folks are a good thing, but I’m saying I can understand why they are there.

Their place in life right now has exceeded their dreams.

Some people stay there the rest of their lives. Maybe that’s a good thing for them. They obviously think so.

Has your life exceeded your dreams?

Do you have new dreams?

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