Thursday, January 5, 2012

Hard To Turn On a Light When It's Unplugged

It has already started out as “one of those days.”

At 6:15 am the alarm on the clock/radio blows me out of a deep sleep and great dream. I roll over like my a** is on fire, grab for the clock and knock the glass of water on the bedside table over on me/the bed/books/the radio/papers/my phone/a camera (don’t ask) and the floor, I’m grabbing at the glass, PUNCHING AT THE CLOCK TO GET IT TO STOP ALARMING WHICH IT WON’T!, jumping up to get a towel, PUNCHING AT THE DAMN CLOCK TO GET IT TO STOP!, wiping with the towel, JERKING THE CORDS OUT OF THE SOCKET TO GET THIS DAMN ALARM TO STOP!, worrying about getting electrocuted, mashing the towel on the floor to dry the carpet, IF THIS DAMN CLOCK DOESN’T STOP I’LL…! AND, IT’S STILL ALARMING WHILE UNPLUGGED!, reaching to turn on a light that is not plugged in…

….and then realizing that it’s my phone that’s alarming.

The trash pick-up is today so I have to roll the can down to the curb. I think I’ll just get in it.

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