Wednesday, January 25, 2012

In Which Camp Are You Pitching Your Tent?

Heard two things within about 12 hours of each other and my title question came to mind.

Heard the State of the Union Address last night (now, now…don’t get off on a rant in either direction) and then listened to Seth Godin (marketing genius and most-read blogger on earth) this morning on a book on CD.

Seth was saying that the world has been divided into two camps: The “Let’s Keep Things the Way They Were” folks like politicians, big business, old thinkers. And, the “Be a Little Weird and Color Outside the Lines” folks like Apple Computers, creative small businesses, and new thinkers.

The great thing for those of us in the second group is that weird is winning. The best businesses and groups are focusing less on how things were (mass manufacturing, the Big Boys deciding what we should want and pushing it at us) and more on customization, individualization and helping people maximize their potential and lives.

The Golden Rule ain’t working anymore. It’s all about The Platinum Rule (Google it): Do Unto Others the Way They Would Have It Be Done to Them.

So, which camp are you in?

There will be fewer tents in the first group as time goes on. However, there is an illusory sense of security, all the tents look alike.

But, pitching your tent in the second camp is scary because you’ve got to take responsibility for your life.

I hope I see you pitching your tent alongside mine in Campground #2.


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