Wednesday, January 4, 2012

No Bran This Morning!

I learned my lesson yesterday. There’ll be no multiple bran muffins and high roughage fruit for breakfast today.

I feel like I went from 225 lbs. to about 175 in about 2 hours. Which, I hate to admit, probably confirms a lot of what’s been said about me by past managers, ex-wives and friends who’ve known me for many years.


Which brings me to today’s point. Remember when you were in elementary school and the TP had woodchips in it..or, at least it seemed like that?

Well, I discovered a long time ago that Charmin doesn’t cost so much more than the woodchip TP that it’s unaffordable.

Sometimes a small investment—money, time, effort, emotion—can have a big payoff and make your life so much more comfortable, enjoyable and even joyous.

Where are you cutting corners or trying to save with good intentions—people, things, situations, activities—and with a small increase in investment your life jumps from ok to great?

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