Tuesday, January 17, 2012


In my marketing programs I offer a simple equation that can lead to success: T+E-P=$$$.

That’s “Time” plus “Energy” minus “Ego” equals “Money”…or Success.

A very smart woman I know keeps telling me, “it’s all about the money,” so there’s a different spin I put on the equation that I always hope folks get: If you don’t have any $$$ then all you have is Time, Energy and Pride.

So, if you’ll invest Time and Energy into a situation, and get your Pride out (thinking there are efforts that are beneath you) you can often find the same type of success you’d have if you had a ton of $$$ to throw at the situation.

Remember, you only have five resources, personally or professionally, Time, Energy, Ego (Pride and the psychological definition of Ego which is who you see yourself as being), $$$ and LUCK.

If you aren’t going to rely on LUCK for the type of life you want you’ve got to use the other resources as effectively as possible.

To what effort today do you need to focus your Time and Energy?

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