Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Are You Watching Where You're Going?

So often we go through life with our attention scattering to lots of different topics, people and issues. We know where we want to end up but don’t stay focused on the goal. It’s like walking on a path through the woods at night with a flashlight. You point the light here and there--sometimes you turn it around and point it along the path you’ve traveled—and then you turn back around and focus it on the path ahead.

Then you stumble or hear something out in the woods and your focus is narrowed to that place on the path or looking out to identify the mystery. You focus more completely on the goal.

I’ve just stumbled on the path. Am working on dealing with a family emergency. Something like this quickly narrows focus and demands that you step up and perform. It is not unlike meeting a challenge on the path or stumbling over a rock or vine as you walk through the woods at night.

I’ve identified a feeling that may or may not be a good thing. The feeling I get is that I’ve spent too much time strolling on the path and not enough time in focused travel.

Are you strolling or focused on getting where you say you want to go?

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