Monday, February 20, 2012

Don't Eat the Blue Iguanas

A friend just returned from a cruise in the western Carribean. She said she ate iguana, snails and frog legs.

I asked if had actually seen an iguana. She said yes, and that there are two types: Blue and Green.

"But you're not supposed to eat the blue iguanas." she said.

Any time you're in a new situation, personal or professional, there are going to be rules. Following the rules often means having a better experience.

You can break the rules but it's probably better to do so after you know they exist. And, yes, I understand the logic of asking for forgiveness rather than permission. But, even then, knowing the rules gives you a better feel for which ones you can constructively break and in what ways.

Not asking about rules and breaking them is just stupid.

Are there blue iguanas in your life that you shouldn't eat?

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