Thursday, February 16, 2012

Love Me Like My Dog!

Ya gotta go to and check out country singer Billy Currington’s song, “Like My Dog!” Check out the one titled, “Billy Currington-Like My Dog”. One of the videos is the lyrics and they’re worth reading.

The point of the song is: Wouldn't it be wonderful if someone loved you like your dog does?

Think about it…what if some of the important people in our lives loved us like our pets?

Well…hmmm…come to think of it I’ve been loved like a cat loves you…if they actually do….you know how they look at you like the only thing good about you is that you feed’em and rub’em where they want to be rubbed. And then they sniff at you and ignore you and pee a map of Afghanistan on your best sportcoat. Ok, so it only happened one time.

And fish…I don’t think they really love us they just watch us through the glass and think, “Wonder what’s going on out there?”

And snakes…you kind of hope they don’t love you too much…but all that wrappin’ around you wouldn’t be too bad come to think of it.

What about birds? My old roommate, Al, had birds and all they did was flit around, squawk and poop on the curtains. Wait, I dated someone in 1977 that..ok..enough about that.

My favorite line in the song is, “When I come home I want you to just go crazy!”

Yea, if someone did that I wouldn't even mind cleaning up after them.

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