Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Praise and Positivity

Had a great time yesterday speaking to a group of social workers in Fayetteville who work with homeless and challenging kids in the school system. Dedicated, smart, fun people.

We talked about catching someone doing something right each day. The habit builds a more positive workplace and life. We agreed that catching one of the kids they work with doing something right and praising may be the only good thing that happens to that kid that day.

Adults in the workplace are no different. We’re all on challenging paths. Catch someone doing something right and praise them (coworker, manager, executive, someone you manage…it doesn’t matter) and you are creating a better workplace and a more positive life…and that’s a great thing.

Who will you catch today?


  1. I caught Mike Collins sharing not only great strategies to us school social workers on yesterday, but most importantly, he shared his heart. Great Job!

  2. We definitely enjoyed the light-hearted humor and insight into creating a more positive workday. Thanks again!

  3. We certainly caught YOU doing something right yesterday, because your presentation made my day. I came in my office this morning and started clearing all the clutter within arm's reach. Have a great day!