Friday, February 24, 2012

PROJECT X Coming To Your Back Yard

The movie, Project X, premieres a week from today on March 2. While the previews show that it looks like a fun comedy to watch—it’s about some dopey high school kids who have an extraordinary party—some parents and neighborhoods better get ready for kids doing a higher than average number of stupid things.

Animal House and Old School gave lots of college kids new ideas about how to do crazy things and Project X is going to do the same thing for some high school students.

Whether we are willing to admit or not we all take cues on how to act from watching others, whether it’s in person, on television or in the movies, or in the newspapers. We see a behavior or activity and think, “That might work for me.”

And I’m not just talking about parties…it could be at work, in a marriage or raising kids.

I always believe the NCAA Tournament is a great laboratory for watching how coaches—who are basically managers—handle a bunch of 17-23 year-olds in high pressure situations. You can take cues about how to manage people from watching successful coaches.

But, back to Project X. While it may not do any good, if you have kids who will see the movie you might want to continue to remind them that it’s just a movie.

I mean…Animal House was just a movie and no one actually had a toga party where they…mmm….ok…but it was JUST THAT ONE TIME!!

Have a great weekend and Google Project X and watch the trailer for it.

See you Monday.

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