Friday, February 3, 2012

We Can't All Be Athletes, But We Can All Be Athletic Supporters

Las Vegas and New York oddsmakers have set the Super Bowl as pretty much a pick'em.

That means there is no clear favorite.

The Super Bowl has become a defacto national holiday with tens of thousands of folks calling in sick on Monday morning. To other folks...I know, I know...they're communists, Chinese dissidents, English soccer addicts and many Duke fans...the day is an unnecessary interruption of life for silly people.

But, ya gotta have fun, distractions, hobbies and those activities that provide the color and excitement in life.

So, if you're into the Super Bowl this weekend, get INTO it. Wear something that shows your loyalties (even if it has nothing to do with football), cheer hard, eat something bad for you, have a beverage, enjoy the commercials (often the best part of the broadcast) and suffer through Madonna at half-time. Have some fun and then get back to life on Monday.

And remember, we can't all be athletes, but we can all be athletic supporters.

Have a great weekend, see you Monday, and GO GIANTS!!

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