Wednesday, February 29, 2012

What's That Burnt, Black Stuff?!!

If you’ve ever tried to cook soup or stew and you just filled the pot on the stove, turned up the heat and came back a couple of hours later you know what happens. When you stirred the pot there’s some burnt, black stuff that comes up from the bottom and the whole mess is entirely inedible.

But, if you had kept checking on the pot and stirring on a regular basis you would have ended up with something wonderful.

Life’s like that. If you keep stirring, trying new things, making an effort, keeping tabs on what’s going on…you end up with something wonderful. If you just keep doing the same things and don’t make the efforts you get…well…you know what you get.

One of the amazing truths I discovered is that I can put together a great plan and implement it and, while it sometimes doesn’t turn out the way I planned, something else that’s good will pop up.

If I keep stirring the pot I get good surprises. And I’m convinced that it’s the process of stirring that makes things happen.

So, are you stirring?

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