Friday, February 17, 2012

Ya Better Get a Better Valentine Next Year!

The Worst Valentine award goes to the woman in New Jersey who stabbed her boyfriend because he gave her such a crummy Valentine present. Now, there’s a person with expectations!

On Wednesday I stopped by Blue Cross Blue Shield in Durham to pay a bill. The woman taking my money had a Valentine’s Card on her desk so I asked, “How was your Valentine’s Day?” just to make conversation.

She said, “It’s the last one with this guy. He bought me the cheapest box of candy you can get and this lousy card.”

Again, expectations.

So many of the people who orbit us have expectations of what their relationship with us will be like. When expectations are met they think, “OK, that’s what I thought should happen.” But, if expectations are not met…whooo boy!

We’re the same. We have expectations of others we want met.

Buddhists believe that peace comes through not having expectations and attachments. They believe we should live in, appreciate and enjoy each moment.

Hard to do, but doable.

What expectations do you have of others that, when not met, pull your life into a less than positive feeling?

Appreciate today, it’s Friday and the weekend is almost here.

See you Monday.

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