Friday, March 30, 2012

Fast Talking and Thinking

We can think four times as fast as we can talk.

In fact, fast talkers are cranking out words at about 180 words a minute while we can hear and understand 400-600 words a minute.

That’s why are minds are able to spend a lot of time wandering around thinking other things instead of focusing on what someone is telling us.

The first key to active listening is concentrating. When someone else is talking and we’re thinking, “You know, if you’ll just shut up I’ll tell you what I think.”

Try this: As someone is talking to you ask yourself, “Are they giving me lots of details or just the broad concepts.” Details vs Basics is the first issue in understanding others. It tells you volumes about who they are. Make it a game and figure it out.

Was that too many details?

Have a great weekend. See you Monday.

PS…am going to a chili and beer festival on Saturday. Not sure how smart that combination is so listen for an explosion about 3 pm near Cary, NC.

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