Thursday, March 29, 2012

Friends or Accomplices?

You’re trying to lose weight and you’re having dinner at your mom’s.

As you pass the desert table you hear her say, “One little piece of pie won’t hurt you.”

When you keep walking she feigns a hurt look and half-jokingly adds, “You know, I won’t always be here to make pie for you.”

Ok, mom. Serve it up.

You’re trying to up your game at work to put yourself in a position for a promotion (or, in today’s economy, to keep your job) so you’re trying to put in some overtime.

Your friends want you to join them for beers most days after work. When you beg off one of them jokes that you’re a “brown-noser” and hanging on to the boss’s skirt.

As much as you care about these folks they are accomplices, not friends. They want to maintain the status quo while you want to change.

Any time you are trying to make a change in your life you should ask yourself, “Who are my friends and who are accomplices?” Some folks are supportive of the change while others want to keep you right where you are.

Look around right now. You know you want life to be better and for it to be better you’re going to have to change some things. Who are your friends and who are accomplices?

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