Friday, March 16, 2012

Stay Focused!!

Learned a valuable lesson this week: No matter how important it is to me to matter in people’s lives in a positive way, some folks just don’t want it.

It’s really important to me that folks get some of the points I offer in seminars. If they get a few of the ideas and use them their lives will be better and that means their contact with me has mattered in their lives in a positive way. That’s really important to me.

But, some folks who sit in my seminars were made to go, or they’re preoccupied, or they simply aren’t smart enough to get it, or I’m not smart enough to explain it in a way they can get it, or they're just having a bad day…or any of a hundred reasons why they aren’t getting the ideas.

And I can’t do much about a lot of those things.

The best thing I can do—and this is the lesson I hope I learned—is not to get so annoyed at their inattention that I let them pull me off task. There is a measure of satisfaction in essentially saying, “Hey, grow up, act like an adult, or get out.” Lashing out, though, doesn’t help anyone.

The real lesson is to stay on task, see them as an obstacle to be overcome with patience, and move on.

What gets you off task? Is it a person, a feeling, a thought, a situation?

Stay focused.

Believe me, that will be the message from dozens of coaches to their teams this weekend in the NCAA Tournament.

Stay focused and have a great weekend.

See you Monday.

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