Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Advice From The Tower of Power

Over the weekend I was listening to "You're Still a Young Man" by one of my favorite R&B groups, The Tower of Power.

 It's a song about a young man who is wooing an older woman. At a point in the song the woman tells him, "You're still a young man and you're wasting your time."

 I love the young man's response, "Well, it's my time."

 So often, we have pasttimes, hobbies, interests and ideas on which we want to spend time but others, who aren't interested in those things, may insinuate or outright tell us that we are wasting our time on those pursuits.

 Well, it's our time.

 If you have a healthy activity or idea that peaks your interest, pursue it. The pursuit is the type of thing that creates a well-rounded, full life. Remember, it's our time...not theirs.

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