Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Buh-bump, Buh-bump....Pull over!

Yesterday could have been a really bad day.

First, my phone battery died so my alarm did not wake me. I rushed to my program and made it on time.

In the afternoon I almost backed over a woman while leaving my driveway. When I realized what was happening she was standing less than a foot from my driver's side door.

Less than 3 minutes later, as I was speeding to an appointment (75 in a 65), I passed a parked highway patrol car. As I slowed I saw him pull onto the highway and come flying up behind me. He passed me and pulled a guy about 200 yards in front of me.

My initial reaction when looking back was that I had dodged 3 bullets. Yay! The glass is half full!

I then realized that my current fast tempo of life is causing me to pay less attention to what is going on around me.

When your responsibilities/goals/challenges increase to the point that they keep you from focusing on the basic habits that get you safely through life you need to slow down a little. I know, I're thinking, "I CAN'T SLOW DOWN I HAVE SO MUCH TO DO!!"

So, do you have the time to explain to a valued client why you were late? Can you imagine the impact of injuring or killing a neighbor? Do you have time and money to deal with a speeding ticket?

I don't.

Slow down a little and look around. Has the temp of your life increased to the point that it's causing more problems than successes and happiness?

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