Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Happy Birthday, Doris!!!!

So. you got that the April 1 blog you saw yesterday was for April Fool’s Day.

But, today is no foolin’… this is Doris Day’s birthday!

Growing up in the Sixties I saw all the Doris Day movies with Rock Hudson/Rod Taylor/Brian Keith/Cary Grant as her husband.

I came to adulthood thinking the Doris and Whoever model was what marriage was supposed to be like. In fact, someone once told me that I thought marriage was like a Carpenters or Johnny Mathis song.

And I did.

Later I came to wonder if marriage was actually ACDC singing “Hell’s Bells” in an on-fire school bus going over a cliff into a pool of hungry crocodiles who….ok…you get the idea.

I think I’ve finally come to understand that both those ideas are extreme ends of a continuum.

Any relationship, whether it’s romantic, work, friendship, spiritual or…yes…with an inanimate object (ever cussed at a computer or lawnmower?) will have ups and downs.

Rarely are relationships as good or bad as you fantasize. And that’s a disappointment and a blessing all rolled into one.

What have your over-fantasized, good or bad?

And, are your fantasies holding you back?

PS…aren’t you glad I’m not off somewhere dancing for Chips Ahoy? Me, too. The costume smells like chocolate.

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