Tuesday, April 17, 2012

I Could Get Somethin' Done!

The most amazing thing about visiting Monticello for me  was coming face-to-face with the stunningly prolific nature of Thomas Jefferson.

Statesman, architect, botanist, engineer, legal mind; you have to admire the range of his interests and how much he accomplished.

However, the most interesting continuing discussion I had with a friend yesterday centered around how much time Jefferson had to read, study, think and pay attention to his pursuits.

Granted, he was running his plantation and doing all the things for which we as citizens recognize him, but without telephones, television, video games, texting and a lot of the things that occupy our time, he had hours, days, weeks, months and years to read, study, think, discuss and exchange ideas.

I’m not saying we all have Jefferson’s intellect, but think of how much more you could learn and accomplish by freeing up a little more time.

Or, would you use the free time to watch more television or do something that really doesn’t add to your enjoyment and accomplishments in life? 

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