Monday, April 30, 2012

It Might Only Take a Minute

Was visiting a client last week and he was bemoaning the fact that his office was so messy he couldn’t find some info he really needed for a report. The report was due two weeks ago.

His work area was kinda junky, but I’ve seen a lot worse.

He pulled out two BIG notebooks and said, “I know the information I need for my report is somewhere in these things.”

I asked how long it would take him to write the report once he found the information and he said, “Not long at all.”


I pulled out my iPhone, tapped the clock app, tapped the stopwatch and held it up so he could see it. I said, “I’ll bet you can find the information you need in less than 90 seconds.”

I hit Start.

It took him 49 seconds.

I asked him to open the second notebook, held the phone up, tapped Restart and then Start.

Finding the second chunk of info took 12 seconds.

61 seconds to get a handle on getting a job done that he had procrastinated for TWO WEEKS.

What are you waiting for?

You can do as good or better….I’m tapping Restart on my stopwatch.

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  1. I enjoyed this very much. Sometimes all we need is something or someone to set fire under us for things to happen. Hopefully I'll be able to keep on doing without being burned.