Thursday, April 12, 2012

What I've Learned at 60

It turns out that starting a seventh decade (damn…that makes turning 60 sound a LOT older, doesn’t it?) is easy. You just wake up; which is wonderful considering the alternative.

I was lying in bed this morning thinking, “If I’ve awakened for about 21,900 mornings have I learned anything?”

Here’s what came to mind. This is some of what I’ve learned and doesn’t apply to everyone:

-        It’s probably better to stay away from the hard stuff.
     Moderation in a lot of areas is better than going off the deep end; but sometimes going off the deep end is the only way to go.
-        No matter what your age, your heart can still be broken and your heart can still awaken.
-        Stuff can make you feel better, and better about yourself, but only for a little while.
-        No one likes tight shoes or tight underwear.
-        You can always learn new stuff and learning keeps you young.
-        When you wake up in the middle of the night somewhere unfamiliar and have to go to the bathroom walk slowly and make sure you’re really in the bathroom.
-        You can do something really crazy like skydiving and live to tell about it. It’s amazing what you can do if you at least try.
-        Most people are lemmings, finding a comfort zone and following the crowd. The simple word “excellence” means you are standing out from everyone else.
-        If a friend wants you to taste something make sure they’re your friend and look at it first.
-        A locked door when you REALLY have to go is true frustration.
-        Jumping out of an airplane at 13,500 feet with two parachutes packed by someone you don’t know is TRUE faith.
-        Life IS all about attitude.
-        Time is an ally but time CAN run out on some things.
-        Your best friend doesn’t have to live next door.
-        You can make a decision that turns out good for a lot of folks…you can make a decision that hurts a lot of folks.
-        Kindles and such will never replace books.
-        There are some people you will never like.

-        Kenan Stadium on a bright blue, fall Saturday afternoon when the Tar Heels are winning big is about as close to heaven as I’ve been.
-        Soft is good, but hard ain’t always bad.
-        Farts ARE funny! And, there are some girls/women who think so, too.
-        In heaven they use 600-count, Egyptian cotton sheets.
-        You can’t tell your mother you love her enough, until you can’t.
-        That last point goes for everyone you care about.

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  1. Well said Mike - although. I clearly do not have as many days as you