Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Are We All In the Same Herd?

It’s about 6:50 on Tuesday morning and I’m watching the local news. They’ve got a shot of a car and truck that obviously had a bump-up in the morning traffic. It happened on an on-ramp coming up to a bridge over US 1.

Both drivers stopped ON THE BRIDGE and the shot showed them out on the highway standing near their vehicles. Traffic was backed up (or, down since they were lined up back down the on-ramp) for half-a-mile behind them.

North Carolina has a law stating that if you are in a minor accident that blocks traffic and your vehicles can be moved you should pull over to the shoulder of the road and wait for authorities.

We all get caught up in situations and our logic escapes us but these dopes seemed oblivious to a variety of hazards.

Is it just me or, considering the number of meat-heads running with us in the herd, are we simply lucky to make it through some days? 

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