Friday, May 18, 2012

Do Horses Know They've Lost?

The 137th Preakness Stakes horse race will be run on Saturday at Pimlico Racetrack in Maryland. Post time is around 6 pm.

The Preakness is the second race in The Triple Crown. The first is The Kentucky Derby and the final race is the Belmont Stakes.

My question is, “Do the horses that raced in The Kentucky Derby and lost know they lost?”

If they do they could experience added motivation to win this time or they could run with a loser’s attitude of, “Uh oh, there’s that same stud that beat me last time.”

I don’t think they know. I think to each horse it’s just another race with another crowd, another bucket of oats and another bath and rubdown.

What if life was like that for us? You wouldn’t know that something—a job, a romance, a race you ran—was unsuccessful. You simply stepped up and tried again.

And yes, I get the Groundhog Day movie connection and the fact that we learn from our mistakes and successes.

I’m just asking, if we could release the baggage of our past failures how quickly could we (pardon the pun) get back in the saddle?

Have a great weekend. See you Monday.

PS…that whole bucket of oats (that would be a cold beer), bath and rubdown thing does sound inviting doesn’t it?
PPS….bet on Bodemeister to win.

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