Wednesday, May 9, 2012

The Munchkins Singing Christmas Carols and a Magic Carpet

I had a dream this morning that included the Munchkins singing Christmas carols. One of them was playing a piano while wearing red gloves. We were all at my old fraternity house and there were lots of new and old friends whom I had flown to the house on a large magic carpet. My college roommate was sitting at a bar looking sad and when I asked asked how he was doing he simply told me, "I'll tell you later." When I was walking out, just before the alarm went off and I awoke, I noticed that the sidelite next to the front door was broken.

When I told a friend about the dream she said, "A shrink would love to get ahold of you for that one."

In the past I've been told that our dreams signify our greatest desires and our worst fears. I've got my own interpretation of what the dream meant (whether it's valid or not) and I can frame it as good or bad.

If you consistently tell yourself what you want to dream just before you go to sleep you'll often dream something like your desire. It's a great way to set yourself up to create a more positive mindset. Try it and see.

But, damn...the Munchkins!?


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