Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Peddle On, Brother!

I recently bought an exercise bicycle for $30 from Play It Again Sports. I love those guys! If you play any sort of sport and don’t check with them first, you’re crazy.

In fact, they thought I was crazy. The electronic gizmo (that’s the technical term) that shows mileage, speed and pedal reps didn’t work and there was a hitch in the pedal/rowing handle when you pedaled the bike. And, did I mention that it was about 20-years old?

However, something told me that with a few little adjustments it would fit my needs. I got it home and discovered (as I thought) that the batteries in the electronic thingamajig (another highly technical term) were dead and the pedal hitch was caused by a worn out bolt.

My guys at All-Star Bike Shop helped me with the bolt (a big $2) and I bought batteries at CVS for $4.

So, I’ve got a great exercise bike, it’s called an Airgometer from the now-defunct DP Industries, for $36.

Sometimes it only takes a few adjustments and a little understanding to turn a sow’s ear into a silk purse.

What situation in your life could you turn to gold with a couple of economical, easy adjustments?

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