Thursday, May 3, 2012

Simply a Season

I just took a sledge hammer outside and beat the hard drive for my old computer to a pulp…or more accurately, a lump of busted metal and plastic.

The old machine had pretty much died, I have a laptop that works and a new iPad and I just didn’t need the old guy anymore. Yeah, I recycled the box at Best Buys but I took the hard drive out so I could destroy it.

As I was whacking away I thought of all the information that had flowed through that computer over the last four or five years I’d owned it; lots of money made, a divorce, tons of new knowledge and a dump truck full of funny stuff.

Yesterday, in my seminar, a woman characterized a relationship she had been in as, “We had our season.” I liked that. It explains a lot and is a wonderfully useful phrase.

My computer and I had our season. Sometimes that thought works with habits or with people in our lives.

Look around, with what have you had your season?

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