Thursday, May 10, 2012

Would You Like $500 Per Hour?

Yesterday in USA Today newspaper a simple graph showed a startling revelation.

A survey asked 400 small business owners how much one more productive hour would be worth. Don’t let the fact that the respondents owned small businesses slow you down, this sort of question is important for anyone.

Twenty-five percent said an extra hour of productive time would be worth up to $10. (I don’t know what those folks do for a business but I can mow lawns with a push mower and make more than $10 an hour so let’s slide on by them.)

Here’s where it gets interesting:
-        24% said an extra hour would be worth up to $200
-        11% said up to $300
-        5% said up to $400
-        35% said ….. more than $500

Think about it; a few, simple time management strategies and some focus and your efficiency, effectiveness and income could jump dramatically.

How much would an extra productive hour be worth to you?

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