Monday, June 18, 2012

Back From the Wild

Camping last Friday night was…an adventure.

The sky above Kerr Lake was full of stars, the campfire and music was great, the marshmallows were sticky and the lake was beautiful when I awoke on Saturday morning.

However, there was a period of confusion and discomfort on Friday afternoon. The folks I camped with have done this many times so each went about their tasks of setting up with the smooth sense of confidence created by habit.

I stood around and tried not to get in the way and watched what they were doing. If we go again I’ll be able to contribute more to the effort.

Any time we attempt a new task, meet a new person or are placed in a new situation there will be a period of adjustment. The feeling during the getting-used-to-it period can range from a little confusing to extremely painful.

If you know the range of feeling is coming you can be ready for it which, hopefully, means you’ll be more observant and learn more because you aren’t caught up in the feeling.

I don’t know if I’ll beg anyone to go camping anytime soon—my definition of roughing it is waiting 20 minutes for room service and not having a TV remote—but I liked it and will go again if asked. And I’ll be ready to be better at it.

Uh, wait a minute……is that a tick?

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  1. True Thereau-ian inspiration can only come from the life defining and awe inspiring act of looking for ticks on the ones you love.....