Wednesday, June 6, 2012

National Yo-Yo Day

Today is National Yo-Yo kidding!

My nickname in college was Yoyo. A fraternity brother who was two years older was also Mike Collins and had a nickname that was more than a little gross. Guys started calling me "Little _______" because of the Mike Collins connection.

I decided that I certainly was not going to go through four years of college with a gross nickname so I had to invent one of my own. I loved yoyos so I bought a Duncan Imperial and started playing with it everywhere I went, including the dining room at the fraternity house.

Needless to say, the seniors were not happy.

About two weeks after I began my campaign I went out to the fraternity house and there was a note on the door, "Yoyo, your dad called." The name had stuck. Now, there are folks I went to college with who do not have a clue what my name is but they know Yoyo.

The two great things I learned about the whole process were that they proved to me you don't have to settle for what other people want to stick you with...and you can create your future if you have the courage to try.

PS...maybe I should have tried for the nickname, Master of the Universe!

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