Friday, July 6, 2012

Fingers Crossed for Air Conditioning!

Keep your fingers crossed; hopefully, my air conditioning gets fixed today…it’s been out for the last week of record-setting heat..

The forecast is for 103 degrees by mid-afternoon. My AC guys said it was showing 142 degrees in my attic yesterday at noon. They had to knock off and come back this morning.

Stuff is scattered all over the house. Drop clothes, tools, nails, chunks of insulation and ductwork are strewn up and down the halls, in the foyer and around the unit outside. George, Cleat and Barry, the kings of HVAC, say they’ll clean up before they go.

Whether they do or not is fine with me. If I can get this house back down to what a friend calls meat-hanging temperature I’ll clean up all day long.

Having life like you want it to be isn’t easy or neat. You’ve got to move over, around and through obstacles and very often have to put up with…let’s face it…a lot of crap, stress and friction to have what you want.

Here’s the bottom line: Deal with the mud to get to the mountaintop…or resign yourself to putting up with the mud.

Have a great weekend. I’m on vacation and I’ll let you know how it’s going.

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