Monday, July 30, 2012

From Swimming to Circus

The Olympics are in full swing and having a chance to watch the world’s best athletes perform is always amazing.

But, what do they do when it’s over. When you’re 25 years old and have spent 20 of them perfecting your ability to jump, run, swim, flip, and fly…what do you do when your career as world-class athlete ends?

Maybe you join the circus.

Over 50 athletes have joined Cirque du Soleil, the contemporary circus group, after their careers ended.

I saw Ka, the gravity-defying Cirque show, in Las Vegas and was stunned by the athleticism of the performers.

Changing life directions takes focus, effort and imagination. The clichĂ© is “think outside the box”…sometimes, though, you need a new box.

The word imagination is wonderful. Hidden in the middle of the word is magi, the legendary Three Wise Men.

Using imagination wisely is what takes ordinary people to extraordinary heights.

Listen to Olympians when interviewed. You hardly ever hear them say, “I never imagined myself as an Olympian. I never imagined winning.”

They constantly imagine—visualize—their successes.

What do you imagine? 

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