Monday, July 23, 2012

It Ain't The System, It's Sears

My stove blew up about two weeks ago. The folks I rent from danced around for awhile, finally bought a new stove at Sears, and it was supposed to be delivered the middle of last week.

It wasn’t.

I was told I’d get calls about delivery from Sears.

I didn’t.

Then, a Friday/Saturday delivery was to be preceded by calls from Sears.

Delivery didn’t happen and no calls.

Did I mention this was Sears?

On Saturday afternoon I got a call and three employees now have the opportunity to talk about me being…mmm…dissatisfied with Sears’ service.

In every conversation the people I talked to kept bringing up problems with “The System.”

“It’s a new System.” “We’re fine-tuning The System” “We’ve had problems with The System.”

The System is based on large corporations such as Sears and Office Depot (two I’ve had experiences with) no longer having their own delivery…uh…systems. They contract out to have the products delivered from a central shipping location (maybe Atlanta) so there’s no more Joe Supervisor on the loading dock making sure the stove gets to Mike’s house.

Here’s what I told the Sears guys, “Customers don’t care about The System. Customers only care about whether or not they get what you promised in a reasonably positive manner. And, when you continue to talk about The System it just pisses customers off because you’re ducking your responsibilities.”

Well, ok, I was a little more colorful in explaining that on Saturday, but you get my drift.

So, my delivery guys call at 7:45 this morning, show up at 9:20, install my new stove and take away the old one.

When the delivery guy stepped through my door and asked, “How are you this morning,” I answered, “I’m waiting on my stove.”

The first thing he said was, “Sorry, we have this new System.”

Did I mention the stove came from Sears?

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  1. Playing tag in the blame game is as old as the hills. Its just a polite way for people to tell you to drop and rot with a smile on their face while reaching for your understanding of their problem, not yours. Sadly it is in the culture of many businesses whose owners and employees have a very low 'give sh*t' factor.