Monday, July 2, 2012

It's Not the Heat, It's....Yes, It's the Damned Heat!!

My air conditioning was out when I returned from Charleston on Friday. 105 degrees outside, 91 degrees inside.

Had friends over and guests who had flown in on Friday afternoon and were to stay with me.

Repair guy came, supposedly fixed it—AC was working when he left—and we happily applauded him as he left.

AC stopped working within an hour.

It’ll blow like crazy, but no cool air.

So, through the weekend it was about 87 degrees inside while it was 103 and 97 outside. Supposed to be 97 today and tomorrow.

Repair guy coming at 9 this morning.

And, while I’m a “keep it cold enough to hang meat in the living room” kind of guy these days have proven to me how spoiled we’ve all become. We used to be tougher, I remember being a little boy and lying in my bed at night sweating and trying to go to sleep.

Might not be a bad exercise to ask, “What could I REALLY do without and still live a good, enjoyable, happy life?”

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  1. Thank heaven for WiFi at Panera Bread for morning business & a lite lunch, then on to Hampton Inn for more WiFi...if you are not repaired by late afternoon...well you can just check in....Thanks heavens for WiFi!