Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Mashed Potatoes and Gravy Machines

Here’s a wonderful sign that there is a God.

At some 7-11 stores in Singapore and Italy they have machines that dispense mashed potatoes and gravy. They look like Slurpee machines.

How awesome is THAT! (Google “mashed potatoes and gravy machine” for video)

A company representative said no American franchisors have requested one yet but you have to believe seeing it on Good Morning America this morning will create enough buzz that they’ll soon be available somewhere in the South.

Y’all know how much I like gravy (sauce is simply gravy for pasta, salad dressing is gravy for lettuce and make-up is gravy for faces) so I’m wondering what the penalty would be for just putting my mouth directly under the spigot?

Mashed potatoes and gravy machines. Man! Ya gotta love it!

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