Thursday, July 5, 2012

Short Work Week, Yeah!!

If you aren’t already on vacation you’re looking at a short, 2-day workweek; Thursday and Friday and then the weekend! Sweet!

Here’s a simple test…and I’ll tell you right up front that you may not like the results: See how much you can done in two days. See if you can get a week’s worth of work done in just Thursday and Friday. Treat the next two days like you would if you were going on vacation on Saturday; do some planning, get focused and get it done.

As we Southerners would say, I’m willing to bet money that you can get a ton of stuff done. You’ll be more productive, more focused, more efficient and more effective.

You may not like it because you’ll get a feel for how…mmm…unfocused and unproductive you might have been.

It isn’t that you’ve been a slacker, it’s that we all fall into bad habits about how we work. It happens slowly and after awhile we don’t even notice that we’re taking the path of least resistance and easing back a bit.

So, this little 2-day push is a way of reminding you how much better you could be. It also might give you an inkling of how successful you could be if you’d push a little harder.

Or…well…mmm….it could show you that you HAVE turned into a slacker.

Might not be a bad idea to wake up.

PS…it won’t make you more popular at work, but if you’re a manager you might go into your group today and introduce the little test. I can promise you that some of your folks are seeing the next two days as an extension of July 4th and they’re acting like R.O.A.D. Scholars (Retired On Active Duty).

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