Wednesday, July 18, 2012

The Thrift to Vintage Multiple

Last week on vacation I hit a lot of thrift shops. I have a friend who likes a bargain and I think going to thrift shops is kinda like going to museums; you see what was important to the culture.

Also, it’s cheap entertainment, you get to make fun of what other folks have been crazy enough to buy…a set of The King and I commemoratory plates, puhleeze!

One place we stopped had two…not one, but two…mounted boars’ heads for sale. They also had a nasty looking doorstop for…oops, that was the owner's nasty, little dog asleep on the floor.

Here’s what I discovered; there’s a multiple that applies to the same item depending on whether it’s sold at a thrift shop, a consignment shop or a retail establishment with vintage, retro or antique in its name.

If it’s sold in a thrift shop it may cost $5. If it’s in a consignment shop it costs $25 and if it’s in a Vintage-Retro-Antique Shop it’s $55. No kidding, we saw it. 

An antique shop was selling a box of broken glass for $20. The same Reader’s Digest Condensed Book I can buy for a dollar at Stephens Books in Raleigh was $10 at a vintage store.

Price is based on perception and as the cliché says, “perception is reality.”

So, is the bottled water you’re drinking really better than what comes out of the tap?

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  1. Perception is reality. The role of packaging, advertising, promotion or marketing is allow for perception to take hold.....after all one man's junk is another man's treasure, or as they say in marketing land, there's a port for every ship!