Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Dead...and Gone

Yesterday, I attended the funeral of a friend.

We touched base occasionally and saw each other in the fall at football games.

He was a good guy, had lots of friends and aquaintances, and the church was packed with 600-700 people.

As the minister moved through his message and my friend's daughter, sister and a colleague remembered him I thought about how many folks we have in our lives who, when they die we think, "I wish I had done a better job of staying in touch."

Too late then.

Pick one person and reach out to them right now....and remember, a phone call is better than an email.


  1. The person you knew, you will always know. Enjoy those moments forever. For those close to you now, enjoy them now & often for the moments you can make before memories are their last testament tp you

  2. Quite deep! Quite sound! Quite right! Thanks for sharing your experience. It's time I reach out and touch someone...thank you again.