Friday, August 24, 2012

Don't Be a Dope

Ok, so Lance Armstrong is being stripped of his seven Tour de France cycling wins for doping.

Gotta tell ya, whether he did or didn’t is, at this point, immaterial to me. What matters is that he came back from testicular cancer, from death’s door, and competed at—and still competes in terms of life—at the highest levels possible.

And if you hear someone yelling, “So, do you condone drug use?” They’re idiots. Of course, you want a level playing field for all athletes.

But, to trash Armstrong and his accomplishments for what may or may have not happened on a bicycle is silly and stupid.

Do we throw out William Faulkner or Thomas Wolfe’s great literature because they were drunk while writing? Do we negate all the profits and accomplishments of business people who work while jacked on Red Bull?

In bodybuilding there are two types of competitions: Open and Natural. At Open contests athletes are not giving drug tests; in Natural contests they are. The differences in the appearances of the athletes is startling and the athletes and spectators make the choices.

The comparison may seem ridiculous, but at this moment, somewhere in the world, there are special operations forces using a wide variety of medications to stay alert and focused on their missions and they are doing it to keep you and me safe and free.

This sort of thing is silly. All of us have bigger issues in life with which to deal.

Have a great weekend. Go ride a bicycle in protest.
See you Monday. 

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  1. Points all well taken, however Lance has lived very well on the marketing dollars he receives (courtesy of the costs passed to us). This might not be fraudulent, but surely is disingenuous. The public has been played enough by athletes unfairly competing.
    Congratulations to his recovery and working for a cure is the only 'heroism' he can and should show. Time will be the great redeemer of Lance if he keeps the light on cancer elimination. If not it is just another sad juicer footnote of sport.