Friday, August 3, 2012

Homeroom For Life

Visited with a good friend yesterday who said we should all have a homeroom, the first period of the day in high school, as we get older. For Katherine, homeroom started the day off on a positive note.

She said, “So many of the great friends I have and good memories were created in homeroom.”

I’m sure lots of us have different ideas about what homeroom was all about and lots of folks don’t see homeroom the same way.

But, it's not a bad idea. Think about what homeroom had the potential to do:
-        Get you out of the home mindset and into a work mindset
-        Move your focus away from getting up and getting to school
-        Get you focused on the day’s work
-        Interact with others which, again, gets you ready for the day’s challenges
-        Raise your energy level
-        Introduce you to new ideas
-        Send you out the homeroom door poised for accomplishment

Again, you may not have seen homeroom the same way. I have a friend who consistently blew off homeroom and went to the parking lot to smoke a doobie and drink a beer. Which, come to think of it, probably did all the things I listed above.

Do you have a ritual that acts as a homeroom for you? Something more than drinking a cup of coffee, skimming the paper and catching part of Good Morning America (or listening to a Glenn Beck rant)?

Are you starting your day in a way that prepares you for success or the same-ole, same-ole?

Have a great weekend! See you Monday.

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