Friday, August 10, 2012

Are the Olympics the Best?

The closing ceremonies for the Olympics will be Sunday night.

As incredible an experience as being an Olympian must be I keep telling people that you have to hope the Olympics are not the best thing that ever happens to all the young people who participate.

You have to hope that being a great person, having children, starting a businesss that provides jobs for lots of folks or saving a life are some of their peak events.

While athletes train for years to compete on the Olympic stage the games only last about 2 weeks and there are so many things that can come into play to sabotage their efforts. The weather, the efforts of teammates, their mood that day, the efforts of opponents, Tweeting stupid things that get them sent home and simple luck can effect the outcome of their try for gold. So much is out of their hands. 

But, over the long haul, life is in their it is ours.

Think about it....are your best days behind you? You make the choice of whether or not that is true. 

You have the power to decide. You have the power to win.

Have a great weekend. See you Monday.

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