Wednesday, September 5, 2012

A Sign That There Is a God

It was announced yesterday that the reality show, Jersey Shore, has been cancelled.

While I’m sure lots of religious groups are rejoicing because Snooki and The Situation and the other Jersey rednecks are out of jobs, let’s you and me take a higher road.

The cancellation of Jersey Shore shows that we don’t want to stay as stupid as we sometimes act.

There have got to be times that God, in Her infinite wisdom, looks down when we do some of the things we do and asks Herself, “Humans...what was I thinking?”

In fact, we all have moments like that. We do something that we later look back on and ask, “Whyyyyy did I do that?!”

A friend tells me that her philosophy is that we all have crazy stages, we just don’t all go through them at the same time.

That would explain some folks smoking pot in middle school while others buy a red, BMW convertible and run away with the nanny when they’re fifty.

We all go crazy. Forgive yourself, get over it and move on.

As I’ve noted in the past, one of America’s great philosophers, Albert Ashby Ward, said, “Sometimes crazy looks like fun from across the room.”

Let’s hope that next up on the cancellation schedule is that Honey Boo Boo ridiculosity (yes, I just made that word up…a combination of ridiculous and monstrosity).

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  1. A sign that the apocalypse is nearing: Honey Boo Boo had a higher rating than the RNC last week???? What???