Thursday, September 13, 2012

Do, Don't, or Read

This blog title makes little sense so let me explain.

I ran across a quote recently that said, “The money is in the doing, not the reading.”

Over the years I had developed a bad habit of reading all kinds of success, motivation, business and get-it-done books and articles…and doing nothing with what I read.

I could talk a good game and lie in bed at night and dream, but too seldom did I put the information to work. Yeah, there were some victories but not in the quantity and at the pace I wanted.

Then it hit me, simply owning and reading the books didn’t help my bank account, or my personal life.

I know the lesson seems so simple and right-up-in-your-face, but I’ve never been accused of being all that smart.

There’s a wonderful thought using the word LUCK as an acronym: L.U.C.K. means, Laboring Under Correct Knowledge.

What I finally understood was that you can have all the Correct Knowledge you want but if you aren’t willing to Labor with it, it’s worthless.

So, whataya know? And what are you doing with it?

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  1. Bravo! This is so true. Thanks for your succinct insight, again!