Thursday, September 27, 2012

File This Under "Success"

Do you have a Success file?

No? Then how do you remember the good things you’ve done, the successes that have moved you ahead in life?

You say you’ve got them all in your mind?

Get’em out of your head and into a file. Keep a file of Thank You notes, positive emails, endorsements and notes of when things went right.

Then, when things don’t go right you can call on those resources to remind you that life isn’t always an uphill slog.

Is this habit of capturing the good stuff and keeping it close, even on display, an egotistical habit? Not if it doesn’t become the central issue of your existence.

Studies show that over half of our thoughts are of a negative nature; over half of our conversations touch a negative nerve. Much of what we think about on the way home after work is what went wrong today.

Professor Barbara Frederickson at UNC-Chapel Hill has discovered that we need three positives to counteract each negative in our lives…to keep us balanced.

What’s going right for you? Jot a couple of notes about it. Keep a Success journal or a trophy wall.

Remind yourself about your wins and you’ll have more of them.

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