Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Silent Disco, Rock ON!

Silent Disco is a new activity being tried at zoos in the UK and America. It's usually a fundraising social event held in the evening after regular hours. Attendees wear headphones and listen to music while walking around looking at the animals and having a cocktail.

Since the animals can’t hear the music they aren’t disturbed.

The idea came from concerts held in urban areas in the UK where loud music later in the evening would disturb the neighbors. Concert goers can crank the music up and dance their hearts out and the neighbors can go to bed happy.

The first time I saw this done was in the mid-60’s. One of the popular surfing movies had kids on a beach in California (where else?) wearing transistor radios  with earbuds. They’d be dancing away and the people next to them couldn’t hear a thing. Kinda cool to see that used 50 years later.

Finding an imaginative solution to a challenge often means going into the past to find the future. Post-It Notes came from a 3M adhesive that had failed 5 years before the new use was created.

 If you’re facing a vexing problem slow down and look back. Your solution may be sitting on the side of the road. You passed it long ago and didn’t think it would be useful.

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